Long Term Pesticide Poisoning At Home

Fertilizer is commonly used in homes, lawns and gardens. They keep them healthy and encourage them to grow faster. However, the pesticides contained within fertilizers can also be hazardous to people when there is physical contact, inhalation or accidental ingestion. In this article, we will examine how even low-level exposure in food, homes, air, water, soil and sediments can lead to pesticide poisoning when it takes place over a long period of time.

Water Pollution Long Term Effects


Many homeowners use fertilizer on their fruits and vegetables. While it’s safe to use fertilizers on your non-edible plants, it’s best to be cautious when using them to grow food. When people eat these pesticides, they are at risk for chronic and acute poisoning. The result is an array of symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dizziness, confusion and anxiety. Even when received in low doses, an individual can experience respiratory problems, skin conditions, miscarriages, cancer and neurological conditions.


Some individuals use fertilizers on their houseplants. When it is accidentally touched, it can act as a poison to both people and pets because it contains nitrates. While plants can easily absorb nitrates, it can lower the ability of your red blood cells to carry and deliver the oxygen you need. This means that the person may notice that parts of their body (such as the lips, fingernails or hands) turn blue from the lack of oxygen. They may faint, experience low blood pressure, have seizures or feel shortness of breath.


Sure, plants can help to remove pollution from the air, but ironically the fertilizer that helps them grow can have a devastating effect on air quality. When grass is heavily fertilized, it causes ammonia to be released into the air. The ammonia then combines with pollutants from vehicles and power plants to create aerosols. These aerosols are what penetrate deep into the lungs and cause heart disease.


What most homeowners don’t realize is that even if the fertilizer is not used near bodies of water, rainfall can eventually wash it into the rivers, lakes and streams. This is a problem because the nutrients in fertilizers can cause a rapid growth of algae. And some species of algae produce toxins that are harmful to humans. Symptoms may include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and eye, skin or throat irritation.

Soil and Sediments

Fertilizers are full of chemicals that aren’t produced in nature which means they can’t be broken down. As a result, they seep into the ground, mixed with water and then slowly reduce the fertility of the soil. Plants absorb the fertilizer and when they decompose, they cause soil pollution. Chemicals from the fertilizers make their way into the groundwater which end up in drinking water. This can affect the genetic make-up of our bodies and cause congenital illnesses and chronic health problems.

Fertilizers are a great growth agent for plants. However, there is always the possibility of long term low level pesticide poisoning which can lead to health problems that are sometimes irreversible and potentially fatal. Homeowners should exercise caution when using fertilizers or explore other alternatives to plant growth.



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Amalgamated Pest Control Gold Coast Review

Live on the Gold Coast? Having trouble with the pests in your house or farm? If yes, then seeking for urgent pest control service is vital. Many people tend to do it by themselves, which can easily lead to heavier infestation.

If the right measures are not undertaken, pests such as termites, wasps or even cockroaches can damages or even become a health risk. Sometimes, failing to report to authorities or taking action against pest infestation is even punishable by law especially if it affects other people.

The good thing about a professional pest control service is that they come with effective techniques that will get rid of pests effectively.

Amalgamated Pest Control Buses Gold Coast

Amalgamated Pest Control Gold Coast Is A ‘Service Named’ Company

Basically, this refers the use of sophisticated technologies and activities in eliminating pests. Professional pest control companies have the capacity to handle a wide variety of pests all at once by relying on modern chemicals and techniques in the industry.

Whether it is domestic, commercial or just controlling termites from your posts and trees, Amalgamated pest control service providers will handle it all. It is thus an integrated pest management approach that ensures all kinds of pests are effectively eliminated.

Why Amalgamated Pest Control

When sourcing professional pest control service providers on the Gold Coast, a team of technicians is first tasked with coming with a perfect approach.

They then come up with strategies that will work to not only kill pests now but also help prevent future attacks. They then tailor treatments according to your pest control needs to prevent danger to pets and family members. The approach is mostly a combination of physical, chemical, hygiene and storage mechanisms together with monitoring methods until when the job is done. Some of the most troublesome pests include Ants, Termites, wasps, cockroaches, borers, spiders, flies, rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and lice among others.

Reasons For Carrying Out An Amalgamated Pest Control Service

We all know how troublesome and dangerous pests can be whether domestically or commercially. There are a number of reasons as to why you should consider going for Amalgamated Pest Control

. Effectively eliminate attacks
. Prevent occurrence of same attacks in future
. To safeguard family members and property
. To safely control pest without harming your health
. To utilize multiple techniques that will help effectively rid off pests

What Are The Services?

Amalgamated Pest Control service can provide you with a lot of customized pest management solutions based on your own needs and requirements for your business.
Thus they will provide you with the most effective method to control all the pests in your residential or commercial space. Rabbit control, crickets control and even ant, carpet pests, feral cat, silverfish, redbacks, moth control services are provided by Amalgamated Pest Control service.

Reputation Of The Company

The Amalgamated pest control Gold Coast company started as two small family businesses in 1923. Trusted by many, it’s reputation speaks for itself. A member of AEPMA (Member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association). This is a national association which is responsible for controlling pests. It is also a licensed company (Lic. Number: 20755). This pest control service is certified by the ISO9001 certification. So, you can completely rely on this service. Many people who have opted for this service are quite happy with their professionalism and dedication towards the work.

This pest control service is certified by the ISO9001 certification. So, you can completely rely on this service. Many people who have opted for this service are quite happy with their professionalism and dedication towards the work.

Bottom line is that they know their stuff and are a great company to work with.

Amalgamated Pest Control Gold Coast

Benefits of Amalgamated Pest Control

There are other methods of controlling pests on the Gold Coast, but the integrated approach is actually the best. Single methods may not be enough to kill or prevent future pest attacks.

By combining several techniques, it assures you of a safer future. You don’t want to see bed bugs a week after you sprayed some chemical. Professionals know how to mix different chemicals to effectively clean your home.

Finally, you don’t have to struggle alone with pests in Gold Coast when there are professionals who can do the job. You are thus advised to seek these services early to avoid any damage to your crops or harm to family members. Their branches can be found here.

With integrated pest management approach, you will surely be comfortable knowing your home is safe. Simply contact a Gold Coast Pest control service provider and get it done in no time.

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